Month: November 2016

Before It’s Done: The Sequel to After It’s Over

511ibipijlMichelle Alstead’s Before It’s Done is the sequel to her excellent novel, After It’s Over. Paige has a second chance with Kade, the love of her life, but “happily ever after” doesn’t seem possible. Too much has happened. As a teenager, she lost her parents. Later, she lost a baby. As an adult, she watched her cheating husband Ben die at the hands of his ex-girlfriend.

Those tragedies are behind her. Kade is ready to tie the knot, but Paige is afraid to set the date. Something bad is going to happen. Paige feels it.

And she’s right.

Meanwhile, Kade struggles to find a purpose now that he’s no longer in law enforcement. All he’s certain of is that he and Paige belong together. But when a new tragedy strikes, will their love survive?

Alstead is a gifted storyteller. Her prose and pacing are perfect, but what really makes her new novel such a great read is characterization. From internal dialog to conflict and ambivalence, her portrayal of good people struggling to find their way is riveting.

An interesting subplot in the novel involves Kade’s efforts to return to law enforcement, introducing new characters, and hinting at another book in the series. I can’t wait. (Five stars out of five)