Month: April 2015


death inkPaige Langley is a bright girl with a troubled home life. Devon Connors is a star athlete and school journalist with a past he wants to hide. When Paige reads Devon’s short story binder, Paige thinks she’s reading fiction. She doesn’t know about the dead girl who haunts him every night…

Rather than have his secrets exposed, Devon befriends Paige and helps edit her entry for a writing contest that Paige desperately wants to win. High school politics—and the spark of chemistry—keeps their relationship interesting. But can she trust him?

M. John’s The Death of Ink is a young adult novel with supernatural and thriller elements. But the novel’s strength lies in characterization. Paige, Devon and the other students are drawn with such spot-on realism that the reader can’t help but be drawn into the story. And John’s prose is deceptively poetic—straight-forward language with concrete images and an unmistakable sense for the music of words.

The Death of Ink is the first book in a series, so don’t expect a definitive ending with every twist neatly solved. Do, however, expect to be intrigued and entertained by a well-told story. (Five stars out of five)