Month: February 2015


Amazing_Mr_Howard_Front_Cover_Image-200x300When a Colorado girl goes missing, the police enlist the help of a psychic to find her. The psychic isn’t the usual paranormal crackpot—he’s a respected professor with a track record on previous cases. But State Police Detective Willard, flawed and unlikeable, suspects that there’s more to The Amazing Mr. Howard than meets the eye. And he’s right.

Kenneth Harmon’s horror mystery is a wonderful read, largely because of the title character, who is a creepy piece of work. Enjoy urbane, clever, eccentric villains that put a chill up your spine? Mr. Howard is your perfect partner.

For a while.

Harmon’s prose is clean, straight-forward and seamless. I was fairly certain I’d read the last take on vampires that I’d ever want to read, but this story proved me wrong. I rolled through the tale like someone in the front seat of a roller-coaster…in the dark…after the park was closed. Fast, furious and scary. (Five stars out of five)