Crystal Rose_final small (1)T. S.. Roberts’ Crystal Rose is a psychic investigator who solves paranormal cases with the help of her team. A new case seems to shed some light on her forgotten past—Crystal has no idea who she really is. Worse, no one ever came forward to find a “missing person” after the accident that left her without a memory. Did no one care about her?

A series of cases unwrap some of the mystery. I found the plot to be a clever series of interlocking puzzles—a pleasant surprise. Each revelation brings on a new set of questions. The ending answers those questions, but leaves the possibility open for a series.

Group interactions add a layer of interest and authenticity to the novella. The configuration of Crystal’s support staff actually makes some sense. Leah runs the business end, from case management to promotions. Julie, the heart of Crystal’s support team, is also the money behind the outfit. And Owen, with his background in the priesthood, gives the group a sense of legitimacy—and a leg up when possession is involved.

Crystal Rose is a Dark Silo Press publication, so of course, we like the tale. The best part of this story is the friendship between the members of the team. There’s no way not to like these people. The clockwork plot seems inevitable only in retrospect, which makes the ending both dark and surprising. (Five stars out of five)


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