stolteyLynette is on the run, wearing sunglasses and makeup to hide the bruises. She knows she’s just one step ahead of her pursuer, and the thought keeps her riding the raw edge of fear. Her husband is a cop, so calling on law enforcement for help is out of the question. But Lynette’s made a serious error. Her husband isn’t among those chasing her.

Her husband is already dead.

I won’t say more about the plot of Pat Stoltey’s Dead Wrong, because any summary would do damage to the clever, intricate series of turns that fuel this thriller. Rather than circumstantial or contrived, the misunderstandings that keep Lynette moving are character-driven, which makes the story both surprising and inevitable.

Stoltey juggles a number of characters, all of them memorable. (I will mention one. “Fat Ass” Sammy Glick is an astounding creation—foul and fascinating.) Stoltey handles a supporting cast as well as any writer I can think of.

And Lynette is a wonderful protagonist—sassy, hurt, frightened and courageous.

It’s not enough to say that Dead Wrong is a page-turner. This novel is stuck with me like a classic. Stoltey is a master of the genre, and she deserves a huge audience. Do yourself a huge favor—buy this book, a bottle of wine, and a pizza. Lock the door. Read. (Five stars out of five)



  1. Hi Brian .. what a great review of Patricia’s book … I’ve a copy here that I must get to read .. you’ve really enticed me .. and I’m so pleased you gave it 5/5 … and described the characters so well – now I want to know more .. cheers Hilary

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