You’ve found Rabbit Hole Reviews, a home for small press and self-published authors to get a fair review of their book. More than 300,000 new books and editions of existing books were published in 2012 alone. They can’t all get reviews. Authors who publish with a New York publisher can hope for a review from the New York Times Book Review. Small presses can’t.

The reason I know this (and my reason for starting this review spot) is because I’m an author. I also own a micro-press. I have three published novels. And believe me, I fight to get book reviews. I fight to market my books.

Author/Publisher Brian Kaufman

Author/Publisher Brian Kaufman

Book reviews don’t automatically sell books, but a good review is a useful marketing tool. I will probably share my marketing ideas with you sometime down the road. (Not every blog entry will highlight a book.) But book reviews will be the focus.

If you run a small press, or you self-publish, consider clicking on the “Get Reviewed” link. I don’t charge for reviews. I don’t sell review copies (they will be donated to the local library).

Some of the writers that I review will be friends. No surprise. Writers have writer friends, and they write great books that not everyone knows about. But you don’t have to be a friend to submit your print book or eBook.

And for you readers out there, keep checking back. There’s nothing better than finding an unknown author writing well-crafted fiction. You won’t have to look far for your next great read!



  1. This is a smart blog and a noble cause. I’m always looking for new things to read, and I’ve been let down more than once by those NYT reviews. Thanks for putting your work out there and making this resource available!

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